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Performance Copying & Printing is offering discounts on black-and-white and color printing of restaurant takeout menus and COVID-19 materials.

Steve and Dan - Performance Copying & Printing
Business Observer Staff  |  April 08, 2020  |


One of the many effects for businesses related to the COVID-19 pandemic is new printing needs.

Restaurants offering takeout have to print up new menus, for instance, and health care organizations, hospitals and others have to print new coronavirus guidelines and signage.

Manatee County-based printing company Performance Copying & Printing is hoping to ease the cost burden by offering a deep discount on the printing of materials related to the coronavirus. The family-owned company, with 11 employees, usually sells black-and-white copies to the public at 3 cents each. Now those are 1.5 cents each. The regular price for color printing starts at 39 cents, with price breaks at certain quantities. Now, it’s offering them for a flat price of 9 cents — a 77% discount off of the regular price.

Performance Copying & PrintingCo-owner Steve Levison tells Coffee Talk the company regularly gives back to the community, and it was looking for a way to help during the crisis, too. “We wanted to help the businesses and organizations impacted by the COVID-19 virus, and we thought certainly restaurants are in dire straights, and any kind of price relief we could give to them would be helpful,” he says.

The company has already printed posters for hospitals and doctors’ offices with information about warnings, new entrances and temporary outdoor medical facilities.

Performance Copying & Printing has several restaurant clients, but many of them didn’t have a takeout component before. Now they’re adapting to do takeout and delivery. “It’s almost a new business for them,” Levison says. Prior to printing menus and other materials, graphic designers on staff at Performance can also help restaurants and others figure out the layout and look.

To announce the printing deals, the company recently sent out an email that took what Levison calls a lighthearted approach. The email read, “Performance Copying & Printing has unilaterally passed the CPR 2020 Bill in Record Time — no partisan bickering whatsoever.” CPR, it says, stand for the COVID-19 Pricing Relief Act.

There are no minimum orders to take advantage of the discount, and orders will be filled the same day.  Levison says the company can print over 1 million black-and-white impressions a day and 300,000 to 400,000 color impression a day. “We have huge capacity just working in one eight-hour shift,” he says. “The bottom line is we’re just here to help the community.”

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