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Animated Whiteboard Explainer Videos

We Create Personalized Animated Whiteboard "Explainer" Videos for You

What is a whiteboard animation video?

It’s a type of video that uses the “whiteboard animation” style to explain topics. It simulates animated graphics being hand-drawn on a whiteboard-like background. It also often involves a voice-over narrator that complements the visuals and conveys the main ideas of the piece. It can also have an upbeat music soundtrack which we provide.

This eye catching animation style is commonly used for informational and marketing purposes, as it is excellent for sharing complex information in a fun understandable way.

Whiteboard animation videos are popular because:

  • They are fun
  • Their short length means the video and message are more digestible and will be retained in memory
  • They can be informational, educational and entertaining
  • They use visual and audio cues to hit more of the senses
  • They are more cost effective than other videos and animation styles
  • They can help to explain a technical or dull topic in an interesting way

Who should use an animated whiteboard explainer video?

Honestly, everyone can benefit whether they are selling a product, a new service or are delivering an important public service message.

  • Businesses with products and services
  • Non-profits with important messages
  • Marketers with breakthrough ideas

Why choose us?

  • We listen
  • We tailor the video to your needs and feedback
  • We have been doing this for years
  • We will help to pick out the right music to accompany the message
  • We can make voice-overs for you from a text file using various voices
  • We are accessible and available for personal consultations
  • We are family owned and independent
  • We have been serving the Community for 27 years
  • We care and produce high quality work as reflected in our 4.9 star Google review ratings